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ABOUT OUR FIRMYour Future Matters, Our Results are the Proof.

We know how to build a solid and efficient defense.

We are honest, daring and determined lawyers, ideal for criminal cases of special complexity.


Designing a good defense is the basis of any procedure.


We work with our customers to deepen their case.


We propose the best solution to the problem posed.

Hiring a lawyer after being accused of a serious crime can be a stressful experience, as the relationship between the lawyer and client should be guided by a clear relationship of trust.

The last thing a person being investigated in a criminal case wants to do is hire a defense lawyer who doesn’t keep their promises or is unable to achieve the results they need.

¿Why Goodman Law?

We have dedicated the past 25 years to defending all types of criminal cases. Unlike other firms that make promises to attract clients, we never make a promise that we can’t keep.

The freedom of the person being investigated will largely depend on the choice of a lawyer, so in our opinion, it’s important to ensure the hiring of a defense lawyer who has proven experience and is dedicated to achieving the results needed.

Personal Care

Clients who come to our law firm will meet with us directly for a free initial consultation, taking into account that we never make unrealistic promises.

Once we are hired as their defense lawyers, they will have a solid understanding of what can and cannot be done in each case.

They will also have the necessary confidence that the proceedings are prepared with rigor and the willingness to obtain the best results, even if a negotiation with the prosecuting party is reached later on.


Meet Our Attorneys


Angel Ausin Ibáñez

Our law firm's founder has extensive experience and knowledge in various areas of law, and is committed to providing exceptional and personalized service to each of our clients. With a focus on criminal defense and conflict resolution, our founder strives to obtain the best possible results for each case.

Jose Mª Sanpedro Lorenzo

Extensive experience in defense. His focus is to provide each client with personalized and aggressive representation, utilizing his deep knowledge of criminal laws and procedures to obtain the best possible results. His passion for justice and commitment to his clients make him a highly respected lawyer in his field.

Joanna Gómez de la Cruz

I am dedicated to providing rigorous and relentless defense. My goal is to ensure that my clients receive the best possible treatment and that they are protected from any abuse of power or injustice in the judicial system. My commitment to my clients has led me to achieve numerous victories in my career.
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Pietro, Goodman Law Customer
We actively share our knowledge and pass down years of experience to maintain excellence throughout the firm.
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