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If the police report does not match the truth and your judicial accusation, our investigation team can help you clarify the facts by checking for errors in police reports, witness statements, and the legality of evidence obtained.

The police report is a key piece in all legal proceedings. Its composition is based on a set of police actions: reports, testimonies, pre-established evidence, among others.

Police report requirements:
  • The preparation of police reports must comply with Instruction No. 7/1997 of May 12th.


  • Objective facts will be recorded without incurring in legal evaluations or subjective expressions.


  • The procedures will be specified in chronological order.
  • The report will include the identification of the police officers and the role that each one played in the proceedings, as well as in the writing of the report.


  • The reported clues must be specific and clear, avoiding generic expressions such as “suspicious behavior”.


  • If the accused is detained, the police report must include the reasons that are rationally sufficient under the law.
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