Spain’s laws on sexual offenses are among the strictest provided in our Criminal Code.

As a result, any accusation of sexual misconduct, even a false one, can merit severe penalties of imprisonment. Without proper defense, both reputation and near future could be at stake.

At Goodman Law Associates, we understand that many individuals have been accused of sexual offenses they did not commit.

Such accusations today constitute one of the many proceedings that are commonly heard in the Investigating Courts throughout Spain, so if you are involved in such a proceeding, what we can advise you is to defend yourself from the harsh punishments associated with sexual offenses from the very beginning. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until it’s too late: contact a qualified sexual offenses lawyer now to receive the best possible defense.

Our technical approach includes the preparation of counter-police reports, the meticulous analysis of the prosecution’s evidence, and specifically, the various digital evidence that nowadays floods personal relationships and is often manipulated by victims interested in obtaining through criminal proceedings what they could not achieve in their divorce settlements.

We actively share our knowledge and pass down years of experience to maintain excellence throughout the firm.
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