Defense for crimes of robbery and theft

Charges of theft can have a strong negative impact on your life if not dealt with quickly. Even if you are not convicted, the charges alone can cause you to lose potential job opportunities and more.

Our criminal law firm has an excellent track record in criminal defense.

Let us provide you with the unwavering defense you need to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

We are backed by over 25 years of professional experience in clear connection with private investigation.

We also provide advice to individuals and companies who have been victims of an alleged theft or an alleged burglary, whether it is of a material item or of an intangible asset with clear economic value.

The crime of theft, according to the new wording of the Criminal Code, punishes anyone who, with the intention of making a profit, takes someone else’s movable property without the owner’s consent, and will be punished, as a thief, with a prison sentence of 6 to 18 months if the value of the stolen property exceeds 400 euros.

We can also defend you in court for theft when items of artistic, cultural, or scientific value, essential goods, wiring, equipment or components of electric supply infrastructures, agricultural products, etc. have been stolen.

If you have been “investigated” for a theft offense and have been found guilty on several occasions, we can guide you on the effects of canceling criminal records.
We actively share our knowledge and pass down years of experience to maintain excellence throughout the firm.
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