Defense for Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes are vigorously prosecuted in our Courts.

Individuals who have been accused of any type of violent crime in Spain should not hesitate for a moment to contact our legal office at Goodman Law.

Without proper professional defense, defendants may be forced to assume an excessive penalty that could have been avoided or significantly reduced.

Why should I call the law office of GOODMAN LAW?

When it comes to selecting a lawyer with the necessary skill and experience to handle your complex violent crime case, YOU CAN TRUST US.

Qualified Team

The reasons why we are qualified to defend you are as follows:

More than 25 years of legal experience.

Proven track record of success.

Accredited university education as private investigators with subsequent professional development.

Expert staff in the preparation of police counter-reports.

Thorough counter-analysis of digital evidence provided by law enforcement.

When you hire us, you will have a resolute, clear, and concise defense attorney by your side who will do everything possible to clarify your criminal situation in a comprehensive and understandable way to your knowledge.

We offer a free case evaluation to potential clients to assess the circumstance and begin building a strong case strategy.

Our firm can fight to preserve your freedom and provide the defense needed in this desperate hour.

In any case, prosecutors intend to have the accused convicted.

We must make every effort to protect your rights and freedoms and achieve the most favorable sentences possible.

For more information on violent crimes and possible defense methods, please contact us to request a free evaluation of your case if you are accused of any of the following crimes:

  • Homicide or murder
  • Injuries
  • Threats
  • Coercion
  • Illegal detentions and kidnapping
  • Torture
  • Domestic violence
We actively share our knowledge and pass down years of experience to maintain excellence throughout the firm.
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